Useful Tips to Pump Up Your Facebook Page

Facebook is phenomena that needs little introduction. It has changed the meaning of social interaction for millions of people around the world! Of course the networking site has also opened up a whole new avenue for marketing and branding.

So, how do you take advantage of it? Simple, use people’s general Facebook behavior and identify areas where you can create publicity plugs for yourself and your business.

The first thing that you have to do in order to get noticed on Facebook is make it attractive. Whether you like it or not, appearances do count and in the world of social networking they count a lot! So, an engaging and attractive Facebook page is essential for grabbing the eye balls that may be a part of your target market.

The following are few ways to spice up your Facebook page and market your brand on a social networking site:

Activate Static FBML:

Static FBML is like a super essential application.  It helps you customize tabs on your profile page and transform it into a quintessential part of your brand. Have a look at the Facebook pages of well known brands like Victoria’s Secret, Mont Blanc, etc., to see static FBMLs at their best. FBML lets you add many new applications that can be developed in CSS, HTML, Facebook Java Script. Using FBML you can make creative and interactive pages.

Customize your profile page:

Customization of your profile page is essential for the growth of your business. Updating current and interesting information about yourself is important as it can help you establish a rapport with your target market. Many successful companies have tailor-made and personalized Facebook pages to increase brand equity.

Upload photos and videos to sell your brand:

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and sometimes even more! A good photo collection helps in attracting visitors. By uploading interesting pictures that show you and your brand in a flattering light you can highlight your skill sets and USP. For example, if you have a clothes store put pictures of the recent collection in your store to boost sales. Pictures are a great way to get people talking as well. If you look at Facebook pages in general you will notice that it is pictures that get the maximum comments from users.

Page Maps

Adding the Page Maps on your profile page gives your business more visibility. The application helps to highlight the exact location of your business. Having a map for your business on the virtual world will make it easier for local users to find you.


If you have any special events, any gathering, promotional events adding Eventbrite to your Facebook page is the best way to promote your business or your brand. Eventbrite publishes the event directly on your Facebook page through newsfeed and helps in promotion of the event.

LinkedIn/Twitter feed:

Make your LinkedIn and Twitter feed easily accessible on your Facebook page, so that your friends and clients can easily network with you on Facebook as well as LinkedIn and Twitter. There is a LinkedIn tab on your Facebook page for technical ease and this application is very simple to use.

Here are some examples of high performing Facebook fan pages.

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