Top 5 Web Marketing Must-Dos In 2010


Web marketing is starting to get a bigger slice of the pie in marketing budgets across businesses due to its wide reach and comparatively lower costs. Web marketing trends change at the blink of an eye with newer platforms and technologies coming into the picture. Here is our list of 5 must-dos in 2010 to help make sure that your web marketing strategy for 2010 adapts the new trends on the horizon:

1. Vlogs and podcasts: We have all seen the blogosphere rise, but cut through the clutter by creating quality video logs or vlogs and podcasts to target new-generation of internet users. Podcasts and vlogs are convenient and can be enjoyed on the go. Develop exciting and informative content that would interest your consumer. Clever content creation can help you go viral with your product.

2. Social media marketing: Create twitter pages as well as Facebook fan pages for your products and services. Be present on other social networks and business networks. This makes sure that those interested in your product are informed about the latest developments and makes it easy for your consumers to come back to you with feedback. Make sure that the pages are interactive and are updated regularly. Be personal, be interactive, and be intuitive. Create apps for mobile phones that offer some value to the consumer.

3. Keep it simple and trustworthy: Make your website sticky. Ensure that the website is simple and clear, and linked with other websites/networks where your company is present. It is essential that the pages are easy to navigate and content dynamic enough to answer any doubts, queries or questions the consumer may have. Take steps to make your website trustworthy (read article).

4. Location based mobile applications: This is a latest trend spotted on the web. Location based mobile applications allow mobile users find businesses near them using GPS on their handset. So, if your consumer is in your vicinity and they use these apps, make sure that you are easy to spot on the map. List your contact details, mention the services that you offer and update information regularly.

5. Be responsive: Make your online visitors comfortable by being proactive and answering queries as fast as possible. Live chat, phone, and email support are must-have features of today’s websites if you are looking for online sales. Studies show that with live help many e-retail companies have seen an increase in shopping cart amount and repeat purchases.

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