Top 5 Operational Hurdles Faced By Small Business Owners When They Think About Expanding Their Business

1. Mindset

Are you too comfortable with your current state of being that you are unwilling to take the next big leap? Are you too worried about the challenges you will face if you plan to expand your business that you decide to take it slow? The first move that you need to take is embrace change. Growing BIG requires thinking BIG and your business is only as big as your vision. So change your mindset now.

2. Office space

Many small business owners are concerned about the tremendous costs they will incur in setting-up a new office and all the other infrastructure related costs. They wonder if they will ever break-even for the amount of money they will spend in getting a new office started. The solution is thinking creatively to solve the physical office-space challenge. Think in terms of building a shared office or a virtual office. Consider outsourcing; based on the priorities of various activities, decide which ones need to be done in-house and which ones can be outsourced.

3. Finding the right employees to drive growth

Before you make your expansion plans, make a list of all the skill-sets you would require to do various kinds of jobs. Elaborate the skills required and special demands for each job. Many small businesses have expanded their businesses without hiring even a single full-time employee. Virtual assistants can do almost all kinds of jobs. Hire only the people you cannot absolutely do without.

4. Lack of flexibility from suppliers/vendors

Is your current outsourcing vendor or supplier hampering your business growth because it cannot scale to meet your growing needs? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to change to a vendor who can offer you the flexibility to scale-up or scale-down when need be.

5. Lack of investment

You need to expand your business, but you don’t have the money. Now that’s a sticky situation to be in. Think of ways to expand your business without pulling out your pockets. Think of innovative ways to cut-down costs. Outsourcing is the best way to grow your business, without spending on the infrastructure; and you pay only for the services. Building a virtual workforce can save you hundreds of dollars and give you greater flexibility.

About the Author

Dave Otfinoski, CEO of My Business Assistant or “MBA”, has more than twenty-five years of executive, hands-on experience with small and mid-sized businesses. As CEO of MBA, Dave manages a team of experienced virtual assistants who have extensive expertise in the realms of small business operations, bookkeeping services, website design, SEO, content creation and call center operations. Outstanding client service and quality performance are the hallmarks of both My Business Assistant and the MBA team. We look forward to providing you with the Virtual Assistance that you may require to enhance your own business strategies. Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 800.993.9622 with any questions or inquiries that you may have.