The TOP Reasons Growing Companies Outsource: Issues with Employee Retention

We have already discussed the top three reasons why growing companies choose to outsource – lower costs, lack of internal expertise, and scalability. The fourth prominent reason is problems with employee retention.

Retaining employees is of paramount importance for a healthy and growing organization. Every person lost is a setback for your company. Apart from the time spent in training and building the requisite skill set, losing an employee is a costly affair. Too many issues with employee retention also hamper the brand image of your organization and have a great impact on customer satisfaction. It reduces your business effectiveness in the long run.

With outsourcing, organizations have realized that they can do away with the problems associated with changing staff members. Since outsourcing service providers offer a unified front for you to interact with, all you have to worry about is delegating the right work with a systematic framework. You don’t have to be concerned about who does the work in the end as long as that person falls in the employability guidelines provided by you. It is the job of the service provider to find qualified people and train them so that they can perform the functions required for your organization.

Most outsourcing services providers have a comprehensive setup for knowledge management and knowledge transfer, so that their clients don’t lose time or business effectiveness due to shift in staff members. With pre-defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and delivery models, you can entrust your outsourcing partner for providing consistent service that does not depend on employee turnover.

Therefore, while selecting an outsourcing partner, you must ensure that the service provider has suitable employee retention plans and well-defined processes for training, skill development, recruitment, and knowledge transfer. The service provider must understand the intrinsic values of your organization and ensure that the people delegated to work for you understand those values.

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