The TOP Reasons Growing Companies Outsource – Part 2 of a 5 Part Series

Welcome to Part 2 of our 5 Part Series on the top reasons growing companies outsource. These are the primary reasons small businesses use outsourcing or virtual assistant services to help grow their company.

In recent years, five specific reasons have emerged as the most important factors companies consider when choosing to outsource. Implementing a clear strategy and goal structure for each of these five categories can help any small business make intelligent decisions, and maximize its relationship with the outsourcing partners.

Part 1 was to Lower Cost, which remains the #1 reason most organizations outsource. In Part 2, we’ll take a look at Lack of Internal Expertise.

2) Lack of Internal Expertise

From the earliest of times, business owners have identified and understood that they do certain tasks very well, namely those directly related to their core business. Other tasks that may be more specialized, or mundane – are nonetheless critical to the ongoing success of their businesses.

It is impossible today to read a newspaper or business publication without encountering the word “outsourcing.” Whether it be the IT support, specialized marketing assistance, administrative or phone support, etc – it stands to reason that outsourcing usually provides tangible and measurable “hard dollar” benefits to businesses.

One of those benefits is gaining expertise and knowledge.

Some experts tout outsourcing of computer programming and other information technology (IT) functions as a way to gain access to new technology and outside expertise. This may be particular importance to small businesses, which may not be able to afford to hire computer experts or develop the in-house expertise to maintain high-level technology. When such tasks are outsourced, the small business gains access to new technology that can help it compete with larger companies.

Few companies can afford to hire a full time staff to research and stay on top of technology changes in SEO, information technology, software and equipment and web development. Evaluating, purchasing and implementing new technologies raise the bar significantly for small business owners. Thriving outsourcing companies have that specialized expertise – that’s why they are successful. Continued technology advances, increasing wages for the best people and decreasing talent pool are the dominant reasons small businesses seek outsourced partners.

One additional element to consider…

Often a business’s lack of internal expertise or dedication to non-core tasks results in poor attitudes and ultimately poor performance. This can lead to overlap and duplication of internal efforts. An effectively designed and ongoing communication process from your professional outsourced vendor can greatly reduce or eliminate these duplications.

The communication requires an awareness of the processes involved, associated responsibilities, and anticipated deliverables. This will reduce frustration and provide a clear path to resolution of operational malfunctions that may occur between the company and its outsourcers.

Top quality experience and high-level expertise is very costly, and is usually reserved for deep-pocket budgets of larger corporations. With outsourcing, the small business entrepreneur can now have access to key experts – without having to add them to their payroll, or sign long-term contracts to keep them on board.

In addition, many small businesses also outsource in order to reduce the workload on their employees (freeing them to take on additional moneymaking projects for the business), or to provide more development opportunities for their employees by freeing them from tedious tasks.

Stay tuned – more coming up…

Part 3 – Scalability

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