Key Factor To Consider While Selecting Your Outsourcing Vendor — Synchronization

Collaboration succeeds when there is synchronization, and when you are outsourcing your business processes you are nothing but collaborating with your vendor. Most businesses forget the importance of synchronization of services when looking for the right outsourcing vendor as they are more focused on cost benefits and fulfilling basic service objectives.

Smart businesses consider finer aspects like flexibility, coordination, and service synchronization when choosing the right outsourcing vendor to extract more benefits. And they have strong reasons to do so:

Auto adjusting to real time changes

Synchronization is highly desired if your business is subjected to minor but random changes inflicting changes to outsourced business activities. A good outsourcing vendor should be ready to synchronize his services with these real time changes and maintain equilibrium where your customers and you are at ease to these changes.

Flowing with your business

Most businesses like yours often make changes to their business processes to fine tune their operational efficiency and align it to the set growth objectives. Making these changes is an easy and effortless proposition for you as all factors involved are under your direct control. Now imagine you have outsourced some of your tasks and you need to make similar changes to them and you are handling a vendor who is reluctant to make these frequent but effective changes. So consider this when choosing your outsourcing vendor. Remember, they must extend you and move along with you.

Business growth calls for more synchronized efforts

As your business grows you may dive into various business activities and ventures and this calls for a single minded effort from all your employees and allies. All resources must function like a well oiled machine and at no time lose focus or coordination. This calls for regular feedback and update mechanism among these resources and allies to keep the business on the growth track. Your outsourcing vendor in such growth periods must extend his support by synchronizing the services to keep up the pace. MyBusinessAssistant’s Virtual Business Center combines all your back-office outsourcing tasks into one platform, ensuring that all your teams are on the same page to achieve a high level of synchronization.

Now let’s look at how profitable businesses gauge synchronization index of the vendors:

Catering similar industry as yours helps

If the outsourcing vendor is vastly catering to an industry, similar to yours, it indirectly means that the vendor is handling the industry requirements well and has got a deep expertise for catering to the industry’s diverse needs. So look for the vendor’s client list to ascertain this.

Anticipation and accommodation

Is the vendor curious to understand your business and anticipates the services needed? If you sense this when negotiating with a vendor, you may be talking to the right vendor. Anticipation to changes and readiness for accommodating the changes with a big smile is the hallmark of a truly supportive vendor, and you certainly deserve one.

Service synchronization at a heavy premium is a let down

Basic services are commonly available but customized services like flexibility, adjusting and synchronizing to varied business needs are not so common, however part of most vendor’s service list. Though there will be a small premium for these value added services; ensure that the vendor is not burning your pockets. So before choosing your vendor, verify the cost differences across vendors and make the right decision.

The more compatible your vendor is the more synchronized will be his services. Incompatibility leads to lack of synchronized efforts which you absolutely cannot afford. So take care of these finer points if you are serious about finding the right outsourcing vendor.

About the Author

Dave Otfinoski, CEO of My Business Assistant or “MBA”, has more than twenty-five years of executive, hands-on experience with small and mid-sized businesses. As CEO of MBA, Dave manages a team of experienced virtual assistants who have extensive expertise in the realms of small business operations, bookkeeping services, website design, SEO, content creation and call center operations. Outstanding client service and quality performance are the hallmarks of both My Business Assistant and the MBA team. We look forward to providing you with the Virtual Assistance that you may require to enhance your own business strategies. Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 800.993.9622 with any questions or inquiries that you may have.