How To Start Selling Your Products Online

Are you one of those small business owners who believe that online stores and sales are meant only for big businesses and retailers? If you are looking to join the bandwagon of online sellers and don’t know where to start, then simply follow this step-by-step approach to get going and mark your online sales presence.

E-commerce website

Creating the online platform, an e-commerce website, would be of highest priority for your company. Designing the website is the key as this becomes the face of your online business. So here is a list of things that you need to take care of while implementing your e-commerce website:

  • Website Design

Your website design should be in-sync with your overall business appeal, and should look highly professional, credible, easy, and supportive. These are the key elements which should go into a typical e-commerce website. So ensure that your design accommodates all these aspects. You can select a hosted e-commerce solution or build your own from ground-up. It is advisable for small businesses to use readymade solutions as they come with a host of features and capabilities that help improve sales.

  • Content

Be extremely careful with your content that goes in with the design. The most common mistake is that businesses go by content that is common, redundant and mediocre. Be natural, appealing and enticing to your visitors, this is the only way you can make your content sticky and in the process extract more sales.

  • Online support system

This is another key element that should be part of any e-commerce site as you are expecting your visitors to buy from you. And as buyers they may look for additional information than what is present in the site. This may require you to have dedicated online support team who will take care of emails, phone calls, and live chat.

  • Easy check-out process

You absolutely do not want a complicated check-out process as beginners. This will ensure that the visitor has no trouble going through the process and purchasing from you. Here you can avoid big forms to fill out, crossing multiple pages before a visitor comes to the actual payment page, etc.

  • Optimizing for search engines

This is where you are marketing your website. As beginners this becomes even more important to you as you cannot afford to stay out of the sight of your prospects when they are searching for your products or services on the web.

“Most companies hastily launched their original e-commerce sites in response to the explosive popularity of early online shopping,” –Mr. Alvarez (Research VP, Gartner)

So it is highly recommended that you should go for a professional support for building the desired website, and it is better that you choose vendors who have got similar kind of work experience. One more option is to choose virtual assistants for customer support as they can also provide you online chat, email, SEO and phone support apart from developing and maintaining your e-commerce website.

Online marketing and promotions

Once you have all the above points implemented, you can start working on things that leverage your sales and the first thing that comes to mind is online marketing. This may again require professional support as it involves online ads, online promotional events, promotional videos, social media marketing, and so on. All these elements will ensure that you reach more people and ultimately sell to more people.

Selling through other platforms

If by any chance you are not ready for all the above then an easier way to start your online sales is to sell your products or services using a third party platform like Amazon or EBay. Another option is to tie-up with an e-commerce partner and offer your products or services along with theirs; this will avoid all the pain of maintaining an e-commerce site. However these kinds of sales may involve restrictions, as you are dependent on their policies and marketing strategies.

Even though you feel that it’s a tough task to go online, without online presence you may slowly become obsolete and lose valuable business. So better late than never, go online now.

About the Author

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