How Can A Virtual Assistant Help Your E-Retail Business?

With the huge influence of Internet, e-retailing is one of the fastest growing business models. Just the sheer speed of online communication and the heavy dependence of people on the Internet mandate the e-retailers to be hyper active and hyper sensitive to the huge and varying demands of the e-consumers. This single reason calls for the active involvement of partners and business associates like virtual assistants to augment your business growth. These are some of the areas that they can directly impact.

Quick start support

If you have an idea and are looking to setup an e-commerce business, then it’s recommended to start with professional help. As they have great expertise in handling all the issues of setting up an e-retail business, right from designing the website to creating the shopping cart, payment gateway, third party software integration and so on they can set up the whole thing in the fastest time possible.

Improve your sales with virtual receptionists

“Two-thirds of e-Shopping transactions are aborted after the shopper has already placed goods in the shopping basket, and nine out of ten buyers do not make a repeat purchase. E-retailers need to make the purchasing process reliable, easy to use and efficient, removing the reasons for abandoning purchases. Human contact needs to be available to sort out problems — at least by email, but preferably also with a phone option.”

-Forrester report

Just by adding phone or chat based support at the time of purchase makes your customers give you more business. Most of them need a human to get things clarified regarding the purchase. Now considering the amount of consumer visits and purchases, it is always recommended to outsource your phone and chat support to virtual assistants, who can attend to this growing traffic and DO NOT make your customers wait for support.

Online promotions

To sustain and thrive in this online market, you should be competitive and also proactive, promoting your e-commerce site and making visitors pay you a visit is real crucial for the success of e-business. As your main operations may involve production, stock management and other related issues you may not completely dedicate your resources for hyper active online promotions, which is most needed. This is where a virtual assistant can pitch in with online promotional campaigns like SEO optimization, promotional events, article and blog marketing etc.

Website Maintenance

Setting up your e-commerce site is just one part and maintaining it is another. Considering the amount of growth, your e-commerce website may get more heavier and critical, this means continuous maintenance for error free shopping experience, faster responses, low downtime and ease of shopping. All these activities require constant vigil and 24×7 maintenance. This is one more area where a virtual assistant can step in and run the show for you.

Working out customer preferences

This is real crucial for any business. With so many visitors to your website, it is mandatory for you to know their tastes and preferences; this will help you in offering them more suitable products and increase your ROI. These preferences can be traced using smart web analysis of your site. It gives you information like the time spend by your visitors on your site, pages that are most visited, products most viewed and so on. Engaging a virtual assistant who offer specialized web analytics services can really help you to act faster and get you more for your efforts.

About the Author

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