Don’t Let Your Website Let You Down With These Easy And Affordable Tools

There could be occasions when your most valuable customer hits your URL only to find your website down, or imagine a situation when a visitor is about to shop on your site and unfortunately your site stops responding. You certainly do not deserve these situations, isn’t it?

You never know when your website is down for whatever reason it may be. The point is; are you aware of these moments where you are unknowingly letting your business go down. This is an absolute ‘No No’ situation for you. However, there are some easy and smart services that you can immediately use to avoid such situations:


It’s a highly responsive website tracker, it sends you both uptime and downtime alerts and you can initiate the needed action. It also provides troubleshooting help, uptime and performance reports. You can use its trail service for a live experience.

This is also another professional service with over 1,20,000 sites under its preview. It offers internal monitoring and visitor tracker services too.


This is one of the largest service providers for website monitoring tools. Its service include availability monitoring, performance monitoring, transaction monitoring, link and image checking, historical and detailed check and alert reporting, hacker check and so on.


Some of its stand-out features are multi-location monitoring, DNS server monitoring, e-mail server monitoring, groups monitoring, etc., apart from the basic features. You can choose from different service options.

Are My Sites Up

This tool also offers premium and highly reliable service for monitoring your website.


A simple yet effective tool for website monitoring, web server monitoring, and server monitoring from worldwide locations. It also sends downtime alerts via SMS & Email.

Other simple options

There are also some desktop applications which can help you track your website’s downtime. These applications are simple and easy to use:

Google Desktop Gadget Website Monitor

  • Monitor the availability of websites or URLs
  • Check if your web servers and webpages are up and running; and responding
  • Confirm the contents of the webpage, looking for specified text in the body of the page
  • Check the performance of the page, by setting a response time threshold

Website Monitoring

This is a free program that runs in the Windows system tray and monitors your websites. Its simple interface makes it easy to use, but contains all the essential features you need for a website monitoring program.

SDL Website Monitor

This is a collection of scripts that allows a website to be monitored and/or tested. It allows you to record pages by clicking through your site from your browser. These can then be periodically checked to ensure they are available and correct.

These are some of the tools that you can use right now as they are easy and just take few minutes to setup. So start monitoring your website now and do not lose those important customers.

About the Author

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